Introducing Hover

Hover is a widget for your website. It helps your website visitors to dial your phone number, send a message or navigate in a single tap.

Optimised for smartphone & desktop users!

Hover supports all modern platforms and browsers. See how it works on mobile & desktop.

3 products within one platform

  • Click-to-Call

    Instantly dials your predefined phone number. You can add multiple numbers if needed. Demo

  • Click-to-Map

    Opens user’s navigation app and routes towards your office or shop. Demo

  • Click-to-Text

    Instantly sends SMS, email or choose from the most popular messengers. Demo

Why does it work?

Callback form

There is an ability to activate a callback form for desktop visitors. Those, who are not able to call (which is the case on desktop devices) may leave a callback request.

You will immediately receive an email with the callback request once a user fills out the form.

Pick your style

Select and install

Why needs Hover   

Do you have a phone number where customers call or a physical address where customers visit you? Or maybe you have an email or a facebook page, where you communicate with your clients?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then you definitely need to install Hover widget to increase conversion rate among your customers. So that you can get even more incoming calls, more messages from potential customers and store visitors (if you have a physical address).


100% compatible with any CMS

Hover is fully compatible with any content management system (CMS) and does not require technical skills for installation.

Guide for your CMS
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Evaluate Hover result
before choosing a plan.

All types of messengers

Click-to-Text button supports all major messaging platforms & services. You can easily link your Facebook page, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other messengers, so that your customers can reach you in a single tap. Traditional services like Email and SMS are also available for linking.

Up and running in 5 minutes

  1. Sign up with your email
  2. Configure the widget.
  3. Copy a single line of JS code.
  4. Paste it in your website’s template right before the closing <\body> tag

Guide for your CMS

Detailed stats

Once you install Hover on your website, you can access the dashboard with real time usage statistics 📈 including amount of visitors, conversions (button taps), devices and geography 🌍

Safety and reliability

We’ve spent a huge amount of developer’s hours to make our service bulletproof and reliable. All data is sent via SSL encrypted channels.

Try FREE for 3 days!

Evaluate Hover result
before choosing a plan.

How does Hover increase conversion?

Any extra step towards a goal decreases conversion by 10%. Hover widget allows your visitors achieve goal in a single tap, thus boosting the conversion up to 99%

A site without Hover

Starts a search for a phone number Does not find any contacts in the footer Tiny text, trying to zoom in… Looks for the “contacts” link in the menu… Gets to the right webpage Page loads...
Finds the number after 1—2 min. 10% Conversion

Hover powered widget

Starts a search for a phone number
Dials your phone in 3 seconds 👍 Этот сценарий также применим для поиска адреса или контактов 99% Conversion
Try FREE for 3 days!

Evaluate Hover result
before choosing a plan.


I have a callback service already

Hover is way more effective than the callback service or online chat. The users initiates the action himself: call or message without wasting his time on waiting on the line, thus reducing the path towards the goal.

I’ve got a chat service

Many customers never use chat because they know: they won’t get an answer quick. If a customer is ready for a purchase, he is more likely to call or message you directly. This is where Hover comes into the game. In addition, many chat services are not optimised for smartphones, which makes them unusable for a big chunk of mobile audience.

I don’t have a support department

Hover does not modify your business processes or creates additional load on the call center or helpdesk. Users interact with existing information from your website (phone number, email, etc.) ✌. You get a direct call from a customer and do not spend extra money on the maintenance of a separate support staff.

My developer will replicate such service within a week

Our first version was actually made that way. However, in the course of communication with our customers, we found out a need to add multiple phone numbers, multiple addresses and instant messenger services. Customers also needed detailed stats, etc.